Where are they now?

Thank you for your interest. This blog is no longer active.

You can now find Isabel and Rachel and the things that they do here: http://www.isabelandrachel.blogspot.com.au/


Playing, working AND fun!


This is a video taken of Isabel and Rachel just the other day. We are just hanging out and did some things, both serious and fun. Sometimes others were involved, but it was mainly us.

Video day


Yesterday was the day we filmed our promo video for our 2013 Melbourne Comedy Festival show. These are some of the very expensive props we used to create our masterpiece. The post-its are actually way more awesome in real life because they are very intensely bright. Bright and intense just like our show!

Treats and props! Treats and props!

Both of us bought each other a treat for rehearsal. So nice and kind. An even better treat for both of us would have been just doing all the things we said we were going to do in preparation for said rehearsal. But it’s ok. Because Rachel isn’t mad. At all.


Weird eye thing


This is Rachel with the weird thing that¬†keeps happening to her left eye. It’s all big and puffy and just keeps not getting better anytime soon. Rachel is looking into purchasing one of the following for the show:

Fabulous eye patch number 1

Fabulous eye patch number 2¬†(note the eyepatch itself isn’t that fabulous; it’s more the things around it)

That or the show will be inexplicable pirate-themed.



This is Isabel’s moonboot. It’s not a fashion statement. Actually, it’s a type of shoe you have to wear for six weeks if you break your foot. Isabel broke her foot. She has to wear this almost always. It’s hard.
Especially because we plan for our show to have lots of dancing and Isabel is the self-appointed Choreographer. But right now she can only hop on her non-broken foot or just slightly bend, but definitely not do no. 33 of Beyonce’s best 47 moves- ‘The Spread Eagle’, OR number 13, ‘The Run-The-World Drop’. But she couldn’t do that anyway, even without a moonboot. And neither can Rachel. Will Isabel have to dance in a moonboot for the entire show? We hope not!?

Rejected promo shot #2: Prostitute clowns


See title of this post for why this photo was rejected. Also because Rachel has the slight remains of a (joke) moustache she drew on as a joke that just didn’t really work and instead resulted in texta juice flowing down her face in an extreme way.

Rejected promo shot #1: Les Mis and a ghost


This is the photo where Rachel looks a bit like Anne Hathaway when she’s a sick prostitute in Les Mis and Isabel is overexposed and a ghost with no distinguishable facial features.

What we look like when we’re a mix of excited and stressed


This is a photo of what we look like when we are writing our show sometimes. Other times Rachel is asleep with a stomach ache and Isabel is being very good about not being mad because sometimes everyone gets sick.

Hello world!

This is our very first post. But we don’t have much to say. So instead we will share some great inspiration for you.

Beyonce being amazing always

The link only contains gifs. Which are excellent and hilarious. But to see the move in the flesh you have to either (a) go to a Beyonce concert (OH NO YOU’RE RIGHT, SHE’S NOT IN AUSTRALIA AND ALSO IT’S SO EXPENSIVE) or (b) come to our show at 2013 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Same same.